Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AirTight Energy Group Announced

Evolution is a normal process in all aspects of life and in any business.  Part of whatever success we have had as a company, in our opinion, has come from the ability to see trends early and then being poised and prepared to act upon opportunities when they are presented.

To this point, AirTight is pleased to announce the formation of the AirTight Energy Group, LLC.  This new group, under the AirTight umbrella, has been created to allow AirTight Mechanical ( to keep serving the HVAC & Mission Critical Infrastructures market.  Our goal is to keep serving at a very high level, as our customers have come to expect, while allowing us to fill a need that we see and that we are being asked to become involved with, in regards to energy management and automating facilities.

AirTight Energy Group will focus on electrical power utilization and efficiency gains through energy wise-products, these will include power factor correcting apparatuses as well as LED lighting systems from Redwood Systems (, the leading producer of low voltage LED systems world-wide.  LED lighting and in particular low voltage LED lighting is truly revolutionary, the lights require only a CAT 5 cable to power them, not a line voltage (120 or 277 vac) connection as historically all lights have required.

As building power usage and efficiency continues to be on the front burner for many companies, the interoperability of all building systems is so important and will be the number one method of ensuring your utility cost stay as manageable as possible, in particular with impending rate increases from our providers.

There is a natural flow to be recognized between the controlling and enhancing of lighting through a buildings automation and environmental control system.  This is a strong reason the connection between what AirTight Mechanical does with the Tridium ( products by Honeywell ( we represent and the alliance with Redwood will allow our customers to benefit from a reduction in lighting expenses.

If you have a need to reduce lighting expenses or a need to save energy by retrofitting the lighting within your facility, data center or an entirely new facility, we would love the opportunity to sit and discuss how the Redwood System can help meet those goals.  Please click on and watch the video at this link and see for yourself how far this technology has developed.  We look forward to continuing the conversation as it makes sense for you.