Friday, January 18, 2013

Part Two of Many More to Come on Success

The second interview was conducted with a dear old neighbor of mine.  "Bob" is a “Communications Specialist”, does private work for NSA, CIA and other acronyms, retired Army Ranger – Vietnam Vet and is currently 69 years old.  During our lunch meeting, I asked Bob to tell me the most important pieces or keys of his success, below is what he revealed.

Ø  "Susan", his wife

Ø  Mental Toughness, earned it in Ranger School @ Ft. Benning, GA

Ø  Self Belief, if you do possess it, it is hard to convey confidence to others

Ø  Networking outside what most would consider your normal circle, meet new people. Listen & learn from them

Ø  Information & knowledge always win, never quit learning was what I took away

Ø  Become the Asset / Keeper of the knowledge, but then share it with those willing to learn from you

Ø  "Mr. Johnson / "Susan’s" father / great scientist, worked with Einstein, worked on weird & unique things for the GOV back in the day

Ø  Be structured and disciplined, I correlated this to Jim Rohn & John Maxwell about being intentional

Ø  Be  connector of people / Similar to my theory of connecting X & Y to get to Z

Ø  Do not be afraid to spend some of your earnings, buy some things you want & like, otherwise, you can’t take it with you, basically is what I took away

Ø  Never look back.  "Bob" described it as being a successful bank robber, having the confidence of living and never having to look back

The more time I get to spend with high quality people like "Bob", the more I know I will never be through soaking it all in.

Maybe this sparked a though or two for you, if so ...  Enjoy.