Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Deeper I Dig, the Fewer I Find!

This was my first thought when I saw the number of followers of mine start to dwindle.  The Lizard Brain, as I have learned form Seth Godin, was quite happy about this.  The lizard was thinking, of course nobody wants to read what you write, you are a mechanical guy ...Get over it ... Who cares.

Once I let him, he is a he by the way and a nasty little booger at that, vent for a while and allowed him to be somewhat thrilled with my agony of loosing less than 2% of my tribe, I looked at the situation differently.

It became really simple for me to understand. The deeper I dig into what fascinates me, regardless if it is reading on a specific topic, writing about things I know or just plain interacting with folks --- I realized that a few people in the tribe didn't want to go that deep or invest or waste their time on topics of my interest.

Simple right?  Or so I thought.  I have decided that what I am interested in may be compelling to some and not so much to others, I am now comfortable with this.  So as we gain followers, albeit Twitter, LinkedIn, etc... some will grow to like your stuff, some won't and some will just hate.

The important things is for me are, continuing to educate myself, take others who want to go for the ride along with me and be happy with that.  I live my days and nights with this concept, for the better or for the worse.

The bottom line, literally is: The more concentrated your tribe becomes, by people weeding themselves out, those who only want a casual encounter or to play the Social Media Game, you are left with a higher percentage of quality people who are with you for the right reasons.  With that reason(s) being, they enjoy what it is you produce.