Saturday, January 12, 2013

Learning From some of The Best

Over the past few months, I have interviewed several people that are in my life, either that I knew pretty well before this exercise or having gotten to know at a deeper level since starting this process.

The basis that generated the idea that I was searching for was simple:  This handful of folks I know whom I consider successful, what is it, from their prospective, that lead them to this place in life.

The range of professions of these fine people is very diverse, oddly enough, one of them is a once retired, now re-active, as in working again, member of the HVAC community that I so cherish.  There in lies a man who has done "Communications" work for DOD, Special Forces, CIA, etc... Yet another, CEO of a large corporation that happens to be based in Charlotte, NC where I reside.

I am in the midst of sorting all of the data out, their ideas, thoughts, do's, dont's and even some things that would humble anyone.  Please follow along as the information takes shape and is posted here within.

This will be fun.


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