Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday mornings: 6 Years ago Versus this Morning

Six years ago, Saturday mornings on the sofa looked different

This morning as I was was doing my current Saturday morning deal, which is great, fresh ground coffee from @CommonPlace in Pittsburgh, PA, some reading material and a 3.5 lbs. Yorkie (Phoebi) in my lap, it occurred to me how different this looked form just a few years back.

Way back then, I had a copy of the Charlotte Observer and a cup of coffee, not coffee mind you and maybe, just maybe, a laptop near by, just in case and whatever book I happened to be reading at that time.  Probably, @Tom_Peters or @ThisIsSethsBlog Godin, as he is the original Man on the Move.  Seemed pretty normal to me and Phoebi.
New era:  Coffee, Mac PowerBook running for @Twitter feed and LinkedIn perusing, iPhone down loading a book to listen to on an upcoming trip, a hard-copy, yes paper, book I am reading, ... Think @MitchJoel, @BreneBrown, @JonathanFields or maybe @Nilofer, the iPad handy for looking up words that true genius writers use to stretch my gray matter & an old school hand written journal for thought keeping ... And yes, Phoebi.

This kind of got my brain gnashing around with some material that I recently read in @JayBaer 's new book #Youtility.  Jay quoted a gent named, #GeorgeColony, CEO of  Forrester Research,, who laid it out this:  "As the web becomes the AM radio of digital, the mobile App Internet will rise.  This market will be dominated by two or three ecosystems ... semi-closed worlds built on a closely fitting set of apps, phones, tablets, computers, operating systems & partners." 
I guess after reading Mr. Colony's quote, that/This time has arrived.  As an example of this, according to #Apple, the company sold more iPads in April through June of 2012 than any other computer manufacturer sold of their entire product line.  In support of this fact, Gartner, Inc., @Gartner_Inc, reported that app downloads will increase more than 600% between 2012 & 2016. 
Why is all of this important?  I think it is important & very relevant as it pertains to the economy.  More of this type growth and the proliferation of data & data issuing and consuming devices will help drive us to a more robust economy.  Think of it in terms of a small business owner like AirTight.  As more and more people come on line, in a mobile way, we will, as a nation, state, city, and company be impacted in a positive way.  Business develop things, hardware, software and #DataCenters and #CoLo environments to support all of this mobility in a digital sense.  So those people and companies do well, it even trickles all the way down to our size company, as we specialize in removing heat from data centers & colos.
So no real earth-shattering facts here, just a realization that we as a people have changed, we tend to be embracing technology at an incredible rate and this is how we are going down the road. 

I love it.  And judging by the way Phoebi nestles in ... She's pretty good with it as well.
Enjoy technology and your own way of using it.

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