Saturday, August 3, 2013

An open letter of thanks to Ryan Gunto:

An Open Letter of Thanks to Ryan Gunto:

 I have watched this RTU replacement job develop over the last couple of months.  The precise nature of your pre-planning and the Execution of Excellence that I saw (a little bit of, due to schedule) today, along-side of the customer being thrilled, is/was incredible.
This morning while getting up and having coffee, I was thinking about the job today. I
took just a little mental vacation/trip with my Dad (John Crumpton (1937-1994)) and the comfort of knowing he would have thought that this day was cool, let alone what we do as AirTight ( in general, day in and day out.

Then, knowing your Dad, only as briefly as I did, I knew that Andy Gunto (1952 - 2008) would have been Most Proud of You, his boy and what you do every day.

Great Job. Thank you.

Thank you all who participated:  From the physical part, to the GoPro Cameramen, to all that coordinated and made this a success …
You all should be proud.

G & Company

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